Make a BNPL Refund



Refunds are subject to the original agreement between you (the service provider) and your end-user (buyer).

Refunds using the API

Refunds by API are made using the existing refund call Refund a MoneyIn.

Endpoint: PUT /webservice/v2/refund/{transactionid}

To ensure that your refund is valid. Verify the following information in the response:

  • status (0 = success)
  • SenderAccountId (buyers accountid)
  • debitAmount (refund amount)
  • methodDetails (30 = BNPL)

Remember to include the required path parameters: v2/refund/{transactionid}


    "amountToRefund": 15000,
    "comment": "Order reference {{reference}}"
  "transaction": {
    "status": 0,
    "senderAccountId": "kawaa90909",
    "debitAmount": 1500,
    "IbanId": 0,
    "originId": 0,
    "id": 255,
    "method": 30,
    "date": 1662929830,
    "commissionAmount": 100,
    "comment": null,
    "executionDate": 0,
    "reference": null

Refunds using the Lemonway Dashboard

  1. Login to your account using Lemonway Dashboard.
  1. Select Transactions>All from the Dashboard menu. This displays all transactions.
    Use the search or method column to find your specific.
  1. Click the transaction you require from the displayed list.
    The Transaction details window is displayed. Click Refund to process the refund.
  1. Ensure that the refund amount is correct. Enter a comment if required.
    Click Submit to process and validate the refund.
  1. To verify that a refund has been processed. Select Transactions>In/Out
    from the Dashboard menu.


Interested in BNPL?

If you are interested in our BNPL solution, contact your local Implementation Manager or contact our support by adding BNPL Service Request in the subject line.