Supported Payment Methods

Local Payment Methods

How does it work?

The customer's journey for the vast majority of our bank redirects follows a similar flow when payments are made:

  1. The customer selects the payment method (for example Bank) from among the payment method options available on your website.
  2. The customer is redirected to an online banking page (this may be your customized page or the customer's actual bank login page) and selects their country and their banks from a displayed list.
  3. The customer then proceeds to enter their personal bank credentials.
  4. The customer selects their account (if more than one is available).
  5. A TAN (Transaction Authentication Number) is sent to the customer's phone via SMS or generated via their bank app. The customer submits the payment.
  6. The payment method confirmation page is displayed, and the customer is then redirected back to your website.

Payment Method Flow

Lemonway uses the following local payment methods:

Payment methodCurrenciesCountriesRecurringRefundsChargebacksCommercial LitigationPayment Confirmation