Pay by Card - Direct Payment (PCI-DSS compliant only)

Initiate a Direct Payment (PCI-DSS compliant only)

Endpoint: POST /v2/moneyins/card/direct/3dinit

Direct Payment

Used when Partners choose to process payments using their own payment page. This mode is usually preferred when Partners want to avoid their users being redirected to another URL outside their network.



Partners using this mode are obliged to maintain a high level of network security and be PCI-DSS certified.

Customer->Partner: Wants to Pay by Card
Partner->Lemonway: Payment request
Lemonway->Lemonway: Format and business verifications
Lemonway->Lemonway: Transaction and Token Generation

Lemonway->Acceptor:Create Payment
Acceptor->Lemonway:Send the 3DS v2 Authentication URL
Lemonway->Partner:Id, actionUrl
Partner->Customer:Redirection to actionURL
Customer-->Lemonway:Redirection from the browser of the customer
Lemonway->Lemonway:Retrieve transaction with Token (included in actionURL)
Lemonway->Customer:Redirection to 3DS v2 Authentication URL
Customer->Bank:Makes Strong Customer Authentication
Bank->Customer:Status of Authentication
Customer-->Lemonway:Redirect URL with Status of Authentication
Lemonway->Customer: Redirection to returnURL of Partner
Customer-->Partner:Redirected to returnURL
Partner->Lemonway:Check Status of Authentication (optional)
Lemonway->Partner: Send Authentication Status
Partner->Lemonway:Payment validation with Id
Lemonway->Acceptor: Validate Payment
Acceptor->Lemonway:Redirect URL with status of payment
Lemonway->Lemonway:Update transaction
Acceptor->Lemonway: POST notification
Lemonway->Partner: Send Status of Payment
Lemonway->Partner: POST notification
Partner->Customer: Redirection to the right URL (success, error)