SCA (Strong Customer Authentication)

A regulation, required by PSD2, was implemented with the aim of providing more security and reducing fraudulent activity while executing online and contactless offline transactions. The end-user needs to provide certain forms of identification (such as a PIN code, fingerprint, facial recognition, etc.) to verify that he is an actual owner of the bank account, that he wants to log in to or make a payment from.

2FA (Two-factor Authentication)

A type of multi-factor authentication, that requires an additional login credential to get access to online accounts. Two-factor Authentication is executed with the help of the 2FA App (available both on smartphones and laptops), which shows an additional code after the user enters his login and password on the relevant site.

3D-Secure (3DS)

A protocol was created to provide additional security for online card transactions. It aims to verify the user’s identity, usually through the bank website or app. The use of 3DS is required by SCA in Europe for card payments on the Internet.

TAN (Transaction Authentication Number)

A single-use passcode, allowing to process of online banking transactions. It is an additional verification tool, apart from user login and password.