MBWay Payments

Pay by MB Way

MB Way is a Portuguese Payments App developed by the SIBS Multibanco scheme (an interbank network). Lemonway helps you connect your users to MB Way's payment scheme. This payment works by associating your end-user's bank card with their phone number. This enables them to make instant payments.


This payment method requires that the payer has either an iOS or Android mobile device.

How does it work?

  1. You call the Lemonway API Initialize MB WAY Payment ensuring that you provide your client's phone number to initialize the payment.
  2. The payment order (unique number) is sent to the customer's mobile device.
  3. The client accesses the MB Way app and verifies the payment in the app.
  4. Once your client has finalized their payment, they will be redirected to the return URL that you specified in the API body.


You must add a unique ID to your specified returnURL. This is so you can associate the end-user's transaction. See example returnURL

  1. You will be notified after the payment is settled


Settlement can take up to 48 hours

Payment Flow


Example Lemonway API Body Input

  "phone": "513212744",
  "returnUrl": "https://www.yoursite.com/payment_return.php/?id=367GBD",
  "reference": "Dze8778",
  "accountId": "33612345678",
  "totalAmount": 1500,
  "commissionAmount": 100,
  "comment": "Order number 2457765AX2",
  "autoCommission": false

Response Example:

  "euPagoInit": {
    "id": 589,
    "reference": "00000.425"

Associated API Methods