REST API (Representational State Transfer Applications Programming Interface)

API is a software intermediary that helps bring Lemonway services together with our Partner’s website with the aim of exchanging data and performing tasks. REST is a set of rules that are used by API developers to construct the API in a fast, effective way making it less difficult for third-party users to understand.

For further information, see our technical documentation.

Access token

A unique access token that allows end-users to have authorized access to Lemonway API resources.

IP Address (Internet Protocol Address)

A unique numeric identifier of a network device. It contains the location data of the host and makes it available for communication, allowing the transmission of information between different hosts on a network.

Whitelisted IP Address

An IP Address that was granted access to a specific network. Whitelisting is a way to make a network available to only those particular users, who were approved earlier.


A list of changes sequentially made to a project.