Pay by Card - Redirect (Non PCI-DSS compliant)

Initiate a Web Payment

EndPoint: POST /v2/moneyins/card/webinit

Redirect Payment

Used when the end-user buys a service or good on your website and then is redirected to the PSP (Payment Service Provider) payment page.

participant Customer
participant Partner
participant Lemonway
participant Acceptor

Customer->Partner:Wants to Pay by Card
Partner->Lemonway:Payment request

Lemonway->Lemonway:Format and business verifications
Lemonway->Lemonway:Transaction and Token Generation
Lemonway->Partner:moneyintoken and Id
Partner->Customer:Redirection to Lemonway Payment URL
Customer->Lemonway:Redirection from the browser of the customer
Lemonway->Lemonway:Retrieve transaction with moneyintoken
Lemonway->Acceptor: Create Payment Form
Acceptor->Lemonway:Send the Payment Page URL
Lemonway->Customer:Redirection to Payment Page URL
Customer->Acceptor:Makes payment
Acceptor->Lemonway:Redirect URL with status of payment

Lemonway->Customer:Redirection to the right URL (return, error, cancel)
Lemonway->Partner: Redirect URL with response_wkToken
Lemonway->Lemonway: Update transaction
Acceptor->Lemonway: POST notification
Lemonway->Partner : POST notification
Partner->Lemonway:GetMoneyIn ; GET/v2/moneyins
Lemonway->Partner: Information
Lemonway->Acceptor: Re update status information
Lemonway->Lemonway: Update transaction for transaction abandons
Lemonway->Partner: Send Webhook Id : 42