Refund a Money-In

The general rules are:

  • A refund can only be given to the initial card or bank that made the payment
  • Lemonway retains the payment fee
  • If no refund amount is specified, the total amount of the payment is refunded
  • The original client payment account were the initial payment was done is debited of the refund amount.If there is not enough money on the CLIENT wallet, the missing amount of money to refund will be debited from your "SC" Wallet.In this case a ON-US payment is automatically performed from your "SC" payment account to the CLIENT Wallet, prior to refund the card.
  • With version 1.1, it is possible to cumulate refunds and ask many refunds until the total amount of the payment is refunded.
Regarding Card Payments:
  • RefundMoneyIn for a card payment with Atos/Worldline is not available from 21h57 and 23h03 (Central European Time - UTC/GMT+1 ).
  • Refund is only available/possible for 12 months after the initial payment
  • Please be aware of controls performed by Visa and Mastercard on the percentage of refunds.Refunds should never be greater that 10%. If you think you will have more than 10% of refunds, please contact us and our management will find a solution for you.The solution may be to refund using a fund transfer on the IBAN of the owner, not on his card.
Regarding Sofort: refund is only available for 3 months after the initial payment
Regarding iDEAL: refund is only available for 99 days after the initial payment
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