Get Details of a Completed Payment Form

This method lets you to retreive the status of a completed (or filled) payment form


  • Using the POST /moneyins/card/paymentform method, you have generated a re-usable Payment Form (with the form Id is for example 579c7def4bb0411da294d9b57c2c1323)
  • Some clients filled the form and make payment.
  • Each time a client completes the form and click on the Accept and Pay button, Lemonway will store the completed form and generate a new id for it, for example 7e98be392a5e45f6bc357a9ab8c623d2
  • The initial status of the completed form is pending. When client finish the payment process, it will switch to PAID. It could also switch to CANCEL or ERROR.
  • In this example, the completed form 7e98.. was created from the parent form 579c..The form 579c.. is reusable, which means it can be completed several time by different clients, so it could have many completed version.This function allows you to retreive the status of a the filled form via its id (7e98..).
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