Chargeback/Dispute Management

Mercanet Payments

30Services Not Provided or Merchandise Not Received
41Cancelled Recurring Transaction
45disputed transaction
53Not as Described or Defective Merchandise
75Transaction Not Recognized
82Duplicate Processing
85Credit Not Processed
4834Point-of-Interaction Error
4837No Cardholder Authorization
4853Cardholder Dispute
4855Goods or Services Not Provided
4863Cardholder Does Not Recognize - Potential Fraud

Code Banco Sabadell

4501Operation not valid
4502Holder dispute
4503Expired card
4506Incorrect amount or card number
4510Payment processed as a charge
4512Duplicated operation
4513Payment not received
4514Fraudulent operation ( AMD)
4515Transaction not completed
4516Photocopy request unanswered
4517Photocopy request illegible
4521Operation not authorised
4522Authorisation rejected
4523Inexistent card
4524Error in addition
4525Paid by other means
4526Fraud. Operation not acknowledged by the holder
4527Fraud in a face-to-face environment
4531Holder dispute
4532Defective goods or goods other than those specified
4534Multiple non-authorised transactions
4535Card included in exceptions file
4536Operation submitted after the deadline
4538Deposit for reservation of accommodation
4544Recurring operation cancelled
4545Currency code incorrect
4546Fraud in a non-presential environment
4547Card included in exceptions file
4549Incorrect card number
4550Holder does not acknowledge op. over the telephone
4551Transaction currency not included
4554Cash not received
4555Services not provided or goods not received
4556Goods not as specific
4753Operation not reconciled
4762Magnetic stripe of card forged
4801Request for receipt without confirming dispatch in IPM ( 4516 )
4857Multiple non-authorised transactions
4859Services not rendered
4863Transaction not acknowledged by the holder
4870Operation not acknowledged by holder-chip card
4871Operation not performed by the holder
4896Amount in excess of the limit in limited amount terminal
4901Documentation required not received in representation
4902Documentation of representation is illegible
4903The documentation furnished is incomplete or invalid
4908Operation not authorised
4924Card included in exceptions file