Initiate a Direct Payment (PCI-DSS compliant only)

Payment with a New Card
This method is more complex that non 3-D Secure payment, but 3-D Secure will ensure that your business is secure.
You will need 3 integration points:

  1. By calling POST /moneyins/card/direct/3dinit, you receive a Authentication URL and a Transaction Id. If you want to register a card for to use card severval times or subscription payments set registerCard=true.
  2. With the Authentication URL, you are able to redirect the end-user to the ACS (Bank Authentication Server) Page.
  3. After 3D Secure Authentication, with the callback ReturnURL.
  4. You need to then call POST /moneyins/card/direct/{transactionid}/3dauthenticate to verify the authentication process was done.
  5. If the authentication was done then, you then call PUT /moneyins/card/direct/{transactionid}/3dconfirm specifying the returned Transaction Id to finalize the payment.

Payment with a Registered Card

  1. Ensure you have a cardId then call POST /moneyins/card/direct/3dinit specifying the cardID parameter (cardId and CVV (optional)). If you want to improve the transaction success rate add the CVV code in the parameters.
  2. Refer to steps 2 - 5 as stated above.
    Note: You require a cardId to make a transaction on a registered card. This id is displayed when you finalized your first payment with the registered card using PUT /moneyins/card/direct/{transactionid}/3dconfirm
    Payments on a registered card use the following process:
    Call MoneyIn3DInit ensuring that you include the cardId in the body of the request. Refer to steps 2 - 5 as stated above.
    Note: To ensure that the client’s card has been registered, call the following method before you initiative payments on a registered card: GetCard

Subscription Payments
A prerequisite to setting up a subscription is that you have previously made a payment with a card and registered the card using POST /moneyins/card/direct/3dinit
Note: When you create a recurring payment ensure that the recurringAvgAmount is higher than totalAmount. If a lower amount is used for recurringAvgAmount you will receive a directkit error message 368: recurringAvgAmount should be greater than the transaction amount.
Note: After you have registered a card refer to POST /moneyins/card/{cardid}/rebill to begin setting up a subscription or payment by delivery system.
Important: To ensure the likelyhood of frictionless payments you must setup payments of equal recurring amounts.

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