Check Money-In 3D-Secure Status (PCI-DSS compliant only)

After initializing a 3-D Secure transaction with POST /moneyins/card/direct/3dinit, you can choose not to debit the card, and only check if the user has successfully authenticated.
This is not a payment.

You can not use both POST /moneyins/card/direct/{transactionid}/3dauthenticate and PUT /moneyins/card/direct/{transactionid}/3dconfirm

  • If you only want to check if the user was correctly authenticated use POST /moneyins/card/direct/{transactionid}/3dauthenticate)
  • If you want to receive the payment using 3-DS use PUT /moneyins/card/direct/{transactionid}/3dconfirm

    A typical use-case: you want to allow your user to save a card for rebills (RegisterCard), but first, you want to make sure that the card belongs to the user and that the user can authenticate successfully.
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