Initiate Pay by Bank

How does it work?

1. Call POST v2/moneyins/paybybank/transfer/init, to receive a redirect URL and the transaction Id.

2. Redirect the end-user to your bank selection page, were they can select their bank from the displayed list.

Note: If you specify the bankId in the request body, the end-user will be directed to their bank.
For further information on how to obtain bankIds, see: /v2/moneyins/ paybybank/transfer/banks 3. Once the end-user selects their bank they are redirected to the bank webpage to enter their credentials.

Note: If you have previously specified the bankId the end-user only needs to enter their bank credentials at this stage.

4. After successfully entering their credentials, the end-user will go through Strong Customer Authentication (SCA) to confirm their identity (SCA examples include: face recognition or mobile Bank App software). Some bank ask to SCA before entering credentials.

5. Once successfully authenticated the end-user only needs to verify and validate the amount, comments and so forth on the bank website.

6. After submitting the payment, the end-user will be redirected to:
  • returnUrl in case of success
  • cancelUrl in case of cancellation
  • errorUrl in case of error.
These 3 URLs must be publicly accessible for the end-user. It must also be accessible to our WebKit server to send requests to the end-user.
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