Create a New Individual Account

Lets you to create a individual payment account

  1. Your Client enter their data on your platform, for example on their profile space.
  2. Your server calls our Accounts API.
  3. Lemonway creates the payment account in your environment.
  4. Your system reads the method response and informs the user.

We apply our validation rules for different parameters.

Check Injection:

  • String parameters (email, name and so on) must not contain odd characters.

Names (first and last name)

  • Not made-up names: "name", "nom", "prénom", "prenom", "lastname", "last_name", "last name", "firstname", "first_name", "first name", "name", "test", "unknow"
  • Names must have at least 2 characters with at least 1 vowel
  • The first name must not be the same as the last name
  • Using the same the same character 3 times in a row will cause an error
  • We might apply other validation rules, for example: in the case VIP (politician)
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