Request a SEPA Direct Debit (SDD)

SEPA Direct Debit requests are sent to our bank every working day at 10:30am (CET).


  1. You allow your client to fill in a mandate, and pre-register it with Lemonway, by calling POST /moneyins/sdd/mandate
  2. Follow the SignDocumentInit process in order to electronically sign the mandate

    Request the direct debit:
  3. You call POST /moneyins/sdd/init to ask for a debit
  4. Lemonway sends the request to the bank every working day at 10:30am, Paris time (CET).
  5. Once the request is sent to the bank, the actual debit on the client's bank account will happen about 1 working days later. If you indicate a date, the debit will happen on the given date.
  6. When Lemonway receives the payment, the SDD payment will be validated and the client payment account will be credited
  7. You can call GET /moneyins/sdd once a day in order to know which payments have been validated.You can also use our notification functionality.
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