Direct Debit


Occasionally you may have an unsuccessful transaction when using SEPA Direct Debit (SDD) or SEPA Credit Transfer. These transaction errors are called R-transaction messages.

They are named R-transactions because all transaction message names begin with R: Refusals, Rejects, Returns, Refunds, Reversals, and Recall by the Originator (RFRO).

The following list outlines some of the standard SEPA Direct Debit Reason Codes:


For an extensive list of R-transaction Reason Codes with detailed explanations and possible solutions, see: Guidance on Reason Codes for SEPA Direct Debit R-transactions

SEPA Direct Debit (SDD)

CodeISO DefinitionR-Transaction Type
AC01Incorrect Account NumberReject, Return
AC04Account ClosedReject, Negative answer to a recall or to an RFRO
AC06Blocked AccountReject, Return
AM04Insufficient FundsReject, Return
AM05DuplicationReject, Return, Reversal
AM06Insufficient FundsReject, Return
MD06Refund Request By End CustomerRefund
MD07End Customer DeceasedReject, Return
MS02Not Specified Reason Customer Generated (Usually Refusal by the Debtor)Reject, Return, Reversal, Refusal
MS03Not Specified Reason Customer GeneratedReject, Return, Reversal, Refusal