Direct Debit


Occasionally you may have an unsuccessful transaction when using SEPA Direct Debit (SDD) or SEPA Credit Transfer. These transaction errors are called R-transaction messages.

They are named R-transactions because all transaction message names begin with R: Refusals, Rejects, Returns, Refunds, Reversals and, Recall by the Originator (RFRO).

The following list outlines some of the common of SEPA Direct Debit Reason Codes:

For an extensive list of R-transaction Reason Codes with detailed explanations and possible solutions, see: Guidance on Reason Codes for SEPA Direct Debit R-transactions

SEPA Direct Debit (SDD)

CodeISO DefinitionR-Transaction Type
AC01Incorrect Account NumberReject,Return
AC04Account ClosedReject, Negative answer to a recall or to a RFRO
AC06Blocked AccountReject,Return
AM04Insufficient FundsReject,Return
AM06Insufficient FundsReject,Return
MD06Refund Request By End CustomerRefund
MD07End Customer DeceasedReject,Return
MS02Not Specified Reason Customer Generated (Usually Refusal by the Debtor)Reject,Return,Reversal,Refusal
MS03Not Specified Reason Customer GeneratedReject,Return,Reversal,Refusal