Get Pay by Bank List

Returns the list of supported Banks to make Pay By Bank transfers. This method enables you to design, customize and host a bank selection site, or alternatively a bank's bankid can be retrieved from the bank list.
id can then be used to send your end-user directly to their bank website.

How does it work?

  1. Call the method GET /v2/moneyins/paybybank/transfer/banks. Ensure that you use the bank's country code in the Query Parameters to retrieve a list of banks.

    Note: If you want a comprehensive list of all supported banks do not specify a country code.
    Note: Currently there is not a way to search for a specific bank in a country. Therefore when you create the query FR for example, a list of French banks is displayed in the response. You will be then required to identify the end-user's bank.

  2. If you have your end-user's bankId, and would like to direct them their bank each time they select Pay by Bank on your website:
    • Use the method POST v2/moneyins/paybybank/transfer/init using the bankId in the request body. You can then use the redirectURL and id (from the response) to send the end-user directly to their bank without them ever using a bank selection process.
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