Add Bank Account to a Payment Account for Money-Outs

You are required to register your client's bank account details in order to send Money-Out from a Lemonway payment account.
With this method, our system links other bank formats to a payment account.
Important: If your client bank account details are in IBAN format, we suggest you use the method IbanPost which requires less mandatory fields.

  • Client bank account details are only required for money-outs.
  • By default, you can register multiple bank accounts per payment account. When you link a new bank account (IBAN format or other ones), the previous ones are still active. Please use [IbanUnregisterPut]( method to deactivate a bank account from a payment account. If you wish to use only one bank account per payment account, please contact support.
Depending on bank country code selected or when a USD environment is concerned, 3 fields may be required:
  • bankBranchRoutingCode
  • bankName
  • bankBranchAddress
  • Please click here to download the list of country codes and associated mandatory fields.
  • Language
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