Initiate a Web Payment

Payment with a New Card

  1. By calling POST /moneyins/card/webinit, you receive a MoneyInToken. If you want to register a card for future payments set registerCard=true and you will also receive a cardId
  2. With this token, you are able to redirect the end-user on the PSP payment page. You have to combine the Token and the Lemonway Webkit URL to get the Payment Page URL. You can find the Webkit URL in the onboarding email. For example:
  3. After submitting the payment, the end-user will be redirected to:
    • returnUrl in case of success
    • cancelUrl in case of cancellation
    • errorUrl in case of error

These 3 URLs must be public accessible so your end-user, and our WebKit server could send requests to them.

Payment with a Registered Card (Web)
To use this type of payment you have to make at least one transaction and set registerCard=true. On this first transaction, we will return a cardId that is associated with the client card. Ensure that you save this cardId to use for future payment.
Note: To ensure that the Client’s card has been registered, call the following method before you initiative payments on a registered card: GetCard
Payments on a registered card use the following process:

  1. You call MoneyInWebInit ensuring that you include the cardId in the body of the request. Refer to steps 2 and 3 as stated above.

Subscription Payments
A prerequisite to setting up a subscription is that you have previously made a payment with a card and registered the card By calling POST /moneyins/card/webinit
Note: When you create a recurring payment ensure that the recurringAvgAmount is higher than totalAmount. If a lower amount is used for recurringAvgAmount you will receive a directkit error message: 368: recurringAvgAmount stating that the amount should be greater than the transaction amount.
Note: Initial transaction for a subscription can be for a predetermined or an undetermined length of time.
After you have registered a card refer to POST /moneyins/card/{cardid}/rebill to begin setting up a subscription or payment by delivery system.
Important: To ensure the likelyhood of frictionless payments you must setup payments of equal recurring amounts.

Deferred Payments
If you want to create a deferred Web payment, in the request please indicate within captureDelayedDays, a number between 1 and 6 days to have a guaranteed payment.
To validate the pre-authorization and capture funds, you need to call PUT /moneyins/{transactionid}/validate before 6 days. If the capture is a success, then the original transaction status switches to Success.
Available on Mercanet v2

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