Blocked Payments for Regulatory Reasons


Note: you can check the thresholds applied in the dashboard on My account (SC) section.
From the Dashboard, click My account (SC).

Error CodeDescription
100Limit amount reached by the sending wallet
101Limit amount reached by the receiving wallet for P2Ps

Payment Account Restrictions

Error CodeDescription
110Insufficient credit
111Invalid status for the sender
137Wallet type not allowed
146Incorrect wallet status
147Wallet not found
152Wallet ID already exists
167Sender wallet blocked for security reason
168Receiver wallet blocked for security reason
173You are not allowed to do a money-in
187The amount is higher than the balance
217Your account is temporarily blocked, please click on "Forget password"
218Your account is blocked, please contact our support team
260Amount higher than the rolling reserve
282Wallet Blocked
283Insufficient permissions