Finalize Pay by Bank

Depending on the payment status, Lemonway will redirect your clients to the URLs (success, error, or cancel) you specify in the Initiate Pay by Bank call.


      "returnUrl": "",
      "errorUrl": "",
      "cancelUrl": "",
      "totalAmount": 1500,
      "accountId": "33612345678",
      "commissionAmount": 100,
      "countryCode": "FR",
      "comment": "Order number 2457765AX2",
      "autoCommission": false,
      "bankId": "fr-bnpparibas-ob"

You will receive the following information:

  • A GET notification with a redirect URL on your callback URLs (either success, error, or cancel depending on the payment status), with the response_wkToken (which is the reference you indicated in the POST Pay By Bank request).

  • If you have set up notifications in the Lemonway Dashboard you will also receive a POST notification when the transaction has succeeded.



Lemonway usually receives the funds a few days after the initial transaction. When the funds have been received, the beneficiary's wallet is credited. The transaction is then switch to success.

To be notified about a wallet credit, configure a Webhook in the Dashboard MoneyIn: by wire received (id: 10)

Example Response:

  "redirectUrl": "",
  "id": 123


Payment Information

If you require further information about a payment or bank decline reasons, call:

GET/v2/moneyins or GetMoneyIn.


Redirect URLs

Ensure your redirect URLs are publicly available so we can correctly send you all notifications.


Transfer Comment

Your client will receive a transfer comment in the following format, creditingreference.EnvironmentName.PartnerComment . The comment is truncated to 40 characters due to bank restrictions. The crediting reference, replaces the previously used matching code for example s125t1 > solutionid = 125 and transactionid = 1, so we can credit the right wallet.