Invalid API Requests

Error CodeDescription
109The amount is higher than the limit
128Invalid phone number
139Ignored number
118Error while calculating commission
121Card deactivated. You wanted to register the card, but the transaction with PSP was in error, so the cardId was deactivated.
138Unavailable functionality (depends on your contract)
143Transaction not found. If searching for a transaction: please fill in one of the search fields. If validating a transaction: transaction does not exist or status does not allow validation
151Amount not allowed (higher than refundable amount, or lower than 0.50€ for a card payment, not allowed according to your contract, or too high. Please contact support)
155Wrong identity card number
162Client not found
175Mobile number and email do not match any account in the system
178Wrong email format
186You cannot send money to yourself
188Incorrect amount format.
202Bad secret answer format
203Unknown secret question
204Email already used
210User not registered
211You cannot send money to yourself
212Bad card data format
213Unknown partner
215No approved IBAN found for this wallet
219The card was not found. You may have entered the cardId incorrectly, or the card does not exist
220RIB has already been deleted
221Bad IBAN data format
234Bad input data
235File too big or wrong format
236IP in the input parameter is blacklisted
237Email is blacklisted
238IBAN is blacklisted
239Bad format URL
241A document of the same type is already pending review by LW's KYC services
243The type of document does not exist
244SDD mandate not found
245SDD mandate invalid
246SDD mandate is currently already in use for a direct debit
247Wrong date format
248Wrong IP format
249Mobile number mandatory for electronic signature
250Type mandatory
251Address Mandatory
252Wrong first or last name format
253Bad format phone number
254Invalid date
258Already document associated with this mandate
242Wrong BIC/SWIFT code format
261Payment not found or already processed
262The payment account is not valid
263Payment not found or already processed
264Invalid Wallet ID
265Bad format for the card type
266Bad format for card date
267Bad format for card crypto
281Wrong status
284Contract already signed
285Transaction's status invalid
286Invalid Document ID
287Invalid type of document (expected: jpg, jpeg, png, tif, tiff, pdf)
289Unsupported document type
290IBAN not found
291Un-matching names
292Incorrect IBAN status
293Document type error
294Invalid format for the type of document (has to be an integer)
295Upload blocked for this type of document
298Invalid partner type
299Invalid annual estimation
300The sender and receiver wallets are identical
301Date prior to the wallet creation date
306Empty IBAN DOM
307IBAN ID is not associated with this wallet
308No available IBAN
309Wallet IBAN limit reached
316Card expired
341The identical document already found in the database for this account
342Mandatory bank branch code required
343Mandatory bank name
344Mandatory bank branch address required
345Mandatory IBAN required
346Invalid country code
355Missing cheque information or RLMC
356Incorrect cheque information
361This card was not registered. You wanted to register the card. The client decided to click no (not to save card) on the PSP Webpage at end of a transaction.
362Invalid bank ID
363No bank is available in this country
364The country code is missing
368recurringAvgAmount amount should be greater than the transaction amount.
373BNPL Serice - ERR_INPUT_VALIDATION (Explicit error message given, details in message)
374BNPL Service - ERR_FUNCTIONAL (Explicit error message given, details in message)