Initiate Monthly Recurring Payments

Use the following steps to ensure a recurring payment can be setup:

  1. Initiate a first transaction
    a. If you are using the PSP Payment Page, you need to have initiated a Web Payment using POST /moneyins/card/webinit with registerCard=true.
    b. If you are using the Direct Mode (PCI-DSS authorization required), you need to have registered a Card using POST /moneyins/card/register
  2. You then need to initiate POST /moneyins/card/{cardid}/subscription specifying the Card Id returned from the first transaction, and the Subscription Id (a unique reference you indicate for this subscription).You will also need to precise the number of Recurring Payments you want us to initiate in count. The TotalAmount corresponds to the amount of each recurring payment. By default, the payment will be processed 15th of the month.
  3. We will create scheduled transactions in the backoffice/dashboard (status 14)
  4. On each payment execution date, Lemonway will debit the card and change the pending transaction status to success, and then notify you.
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