Finalize Document Signature

This function is used to sign a document.



Your system has initialized a document signature obtained a signature token:

How it works

  1. Your website redirects the user to WebKit with the signature token parameter in the query string.
  2. WebKit checks information and redirect the user to our signature partner's page.
  3. The signature is done on our partner's page:
    • The user can see the mandate and make sure the data is correct
    • The user clicks on Validate and start signature
    • The user is redirected to a page where a signature can be drawn using the mouse. This is not mandatory.
    • The user receives an SMS with a code
    • The user types it
    • After validating, a confirmation message is displayed. The user can click to go back to your systems return page
  4. The signature is saved, the mandate is automatically validated, and is ready to process an SDD


This request is sent to Lemonway WebKit using the following parameters in the query string :

signingtokenToken received in the output of SignDocumentInit of DirectKitYes[1:256] char62612109COhhmoY3kOBhf9O7op8g1m8NE


$signingtoken: Token retrieved from DIRECTKIT
header('Location: '.$wkURL.'?signingtoken='.$signingtoken);


Your system returns URL and receives 2 different responses:

  • When the client has successfully signed the document, a notification (callback) is sent from Lemonway's server to your return URL, with data in POST parameter POST. No notification is sent in case of an unsuccessful signature.
  • When the client terminates its operation, he is redirected to your error or return URL, with data in a GET
    In both cases, the data in the parameter is:
signingtokenToken received in the output of SignDocumentInit of DirectKit62612109COhhmoY3kOBhf9O7op8g1m8NE