KYC Document Statuses

KYC Document Status

0Document put on hold, waiting for another document
1Received (waiting for manual verification). Default Status
4Rejected. Document unreadable (for example, cropped, blur, glare)
5Rejected. Document expired (expiration Date is passed)
6Rejected. Wrong type (document not accepted)
7Rejected. Wrong name (name not matching user information)
8Rejected. Duplicated document. The same document is already on file

KYC Document Sub-status

Only when Document status = 1 (1 = Received (waiting for manual validation)

1Document type not processable automatically
2Expected document not detected by computer (make sure the document is correct, very clear and on a neutral background)
3Wrong Type
4Wrong Name (name not matching user information)
5File too big (file should not be over 4MB to be processed automatically)
6Automatic controls failed
7Need 2 sides of the document in one file