Sofort Payments

Pay by Sofort


What is Sofort?

The Sofort solution enables your end-users to make direct payments by using their own online banking details. It is a popular payment method across Europe.

Making payments easy for your clients

Sofort Supported Countries:

If a user has a bank account in one of the following countries, they will be able to use Sofort to make a payment:

  • Austria
  • Belgium
  • Germany
  • Italy
  • Holland
  • Poland
  • Spain
  • Switzerland
Payment methodCurrenciesCountriesRecurringRefundsChargebacksCommercial LitigationFunds available or Payment failure** 


Transactions that remain in Lemonway Code Status 4 or 16 up to 14 days will be automatically cancelled by Lemonway. The transaction status will change to Cancelled (7).

What is the transaction workflow?

Standard transaction workflow you should expect to see:


Lemonway Status Codes Key:

Pending (4) = It is not possible to obtain the final status of the payment at this time.

Authorized (16) = The payment was successfully authorised

Success (0) = Funds are credited on the wallet of the merchant

Error (6) = The payment was refused

Cancelled (7) = The payment was cancelled by the user or by Lemonway when a transaction has not changed status up to 14 days after initialized.

How does it work?

1. Sofort High-level Workflow

The following chart outlines the flow in a Pay by Sofort operation.


The process from initial transaction to authorized, to success (funds available) can take between 2-3 working days.

Request Example using POST /v2/moneyins/sofort/init:

  "returnUrl": "",
  "reference": "Dze8778",
  "accountId": "33612345678",
  "totalAmount": 1500,
  "commissionAmount": 100,
  "comment": "Order number 2457765AX2",
  "autoCommission": false

Example of Lemonway response:

  "id": 589,
  "actionUrl": ""

Implementation Benefits



  • Trusted payment method for the end-user as they are using their own bank for a direct payment.
  • No credit or debit required by the end-user.
  • A secure payment method because the end-user is required to first enter their bank credentials, and then go through Strong Customer Authentication (SCA).
  • Convenient and reliable for the end-user.
  • As a Partner this service offers you more payment options to offer your users.

Typical User Payment Flow

  1. The user selects Pay by Sofort from your website


  1. The user is then redirected to the Sofort site where they search and select their bank from the displayed list.

  2. The user enters their bank credentials.


  1. The user will be sent an authentication code and is then asked to validate the code on Sofort.


  1. The bank validates the payments and the user is redirected to thereturnurl you specified.

Technical Transaction Workflow


Refund a Sofort transaction in the Dashboard

  1. From the Dashboard, click Transactions. A menu unfolds.
  2. Click All.
  3. Search for the transaction ID in the first column.
  4. Click the ID number.
  5. On the Transaction details page, click Refund.
  6. Enter the total or partial amount to be refunded, then enter your password for confirmation.
  7. Click Send.

If you are unable to identify the transaction on Dashboard, Contact us.



For payments made by Sofort, reimbursement is only possible within 3 months from the initial payment.