iDEAL Payments

Pay by iDEAL

iDEAL payments allow your end-users to make direct payments to your Lemonway account using their linked banking scheme platform.

The iDEAL scheme has several Issuers (participating banks) that make online payments easy. The following banks are participants in the scheme:


  • ASN Bank

  • bunq

  • ING

  • Knab

  • Rabobank

  • RegioBank

  • Revolut

  • SNS

  • Svenska Handelsbanken

  • Triodos Bank

  • Van Lanschot

    (updated April 2021)


In the API body you must specify the participating issuerId to make a payment. These ids are specified in the Initialize iDeal Payment

How does it work?

  1. The end-user selects pay by iDEAL at the checkout from your platform.

  2. The Lemonway API Initialize iDeal Payment is called. This call requires key information for example IssuerId and returnURL in the request body.

  3. In the API response Lemonway provides an actionURL for you to redirect your end-users to continue their payment on the iDEAL platform.

  4. The end-user uses the iDEAL platform to enter their bank credentials and complete the process. Once your client has finalized their payment, they will be redirected to the return URL that you specified in the API body. You must add a unique ID to your specified returnURL. This is so you can associate the end-user's transaction.

  5. To finalize the payment you need to call Finalization of the iDeal Payment



You can only call this method once.

  1. You will be notified after the payment is settled

Payment Flow


Example Lemonway API Body Input

  "returnUrl": "",
  "issuerId": "161",
  "reference": "Dze8778",
  "accountId": "33612345678",
  "totalAmount": 1500,
  "commissionAmount": 100,
  "comment": "Order number 2457765AX2",
  "autoCommission": false

Response Example:

  "id": 589,
  "actionUrl": ""

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