June 28

🆕 New Payment Methods Section

We have created a new section called Payment Methods the goal is to provide you with greater detail about our current payment methods.

June 14

🆕Documentation Website Release

A fresh and modern revamp of our website. The site incorporates APIv1 and API v2 in the same location. Site features include:

  • An improved and expanded glossary
  • Easy to view API v1 Request and Responses

June 14

🆕 New additional inputs to help with frictionless payments

  • A new article on frictionless payments and how to make hassle free payments

June 6

🧰 Fixes & Improvements


  • Removed legacy and deprecated items from the MoneyWebInit method

  • Improved How does it work? section for Initiate a Web Payment (APIv1) & Initiate a Web Payment (APIv2)

    • Payment with a New Card. How to make payment and register a card for additional payments and subscriptions.
    • Payment with a Registered Card. Explains how to make a payment for using a cardId