January '22

January 27

🆕 New Onboarding Section that helps new partners get started.

We have created a comprehensive getting started section for new Lemonway partners. This includes:

January 26

🆕 Updated Direct Debits page

This page has been updated. We now outline a service Lemonway offers regarding comments on transactions. Some partner contracts allow them to add comments (order number, merchant name and so on) so that they appear on the end-users bank statement. The comment field is found on the Request a SEPA Direct Debit (SDD) method.

January 19

🆕 Restructured API v2

We have completely restructured our MoneyIns section to reflect the various types of Payment Methods that Lemonway offers. We have also split the Accounts section to display the Admin, KYC and update calls.

🆕 Updated Frictionless Payments page

The page has been updated by splitting the main Input Reference Help table into smaller tables based on objects.
This makes the page easier to read.