November '21

November 22

🆕 Restructured Error Code Messages

We have restructured our error messages to reflect the nature of the error instead of a flat list. There are two ways to search for an error.

  1. You can use our search feature and enter the error number you have received.
  2. You can go directly to the Error Code section here and look at the errors related to a topic.

November 15

🆕 Updated Pay by Bank Functional Documentation

We have updated our Pay by Bank documentation to include Finalize Pay by Bank 🆕 that gives you guidelines on redirect URLs and parameters, descriptions and possible values you will receive with the POST notifications.

🆕 Marketplace VAT Regulation

We have created a new Marketplace VAT Regulation article in the Practical Information section. This document outlines how to set up a Lemonway VAT wallet to withhold your merchant VAT contributions. See: Marketplace VAT Regulation.