Lemonway-specific terms


A training process used by a business to introduce a new customer to the organization’s internal processes. It helps newcomers learn about the company’s culture, structure and mission. For further information about Lemonway’s onboarding process, see our onboarding documentation.

Dashboard (Backoffice)

A partner interface for all operations and portfolio management.

Sandbox (Also known as Development or Test environment)

A platform that simulates your production environment, created for developing and testing new features.

Environment name

Corresponds to the name of the partner used for transactions and access to his Backoffice. It has to be in lowercase, with the first letter uppercase.


An environment where the partners can manage their funds. It only becomes accessible for the partner if he is properly regulated (declared agent or intermediary in banking operations and payment services) and has completed all his tests.

Wallet (Online wallet)

An account in the Lemonway environment where the money is stored.

SC Wallet/Account

A payment account of the company (partner) in his environment

Payment Account/Wallet

Associated with traders or investors and beneficiaries. A payment account must be identified using KYC.

Technical Account/Wallet

(Only applicable for platforms MKP ad ECM) An account where the money is held. Transitional wallet, that collects all payments from the payer and temporarily holds the funds before transferring them to the Payment Account.


Merchant ID, a numerical identifier of a business, is assigned by a payment service provider. It allows the business to process credit and debit card transactions.

P2P transfer

A transfer between two payment accounts in the Lemonway environment.

Lemonway PRM (Partner Relationship Management)

Lemonway’s internal tool is where all the information is gathered- all departments have access to it.