Finalize a Direct Payment (PCI-DSS compliant only)


How it works

This method finalizes the credit of a wallet by card after 3D Secure authentication of the client

  1. By calling Initiate a Direct Payment (PCI-DSS compliant only), you receive an Authentication URL and a Transaction Id. If you want to register a card for future payments set registerCard=1.
  2. With the Authentication URL, you are able to redirect the end-user to the ACS (Bank Authentication Server) Page
  3. After 3D Secure Authentication, you will be called back on the ReturnURL
  4. If the authentication was done then, you then need to call Finalize a Direct Payment (PCI-DSS compliant only) specifying the returned Transaction Id to finalize the payment.

For Subscriptions with equal recurring amounts: for the initial subscription payment, use Initiate a Direct Payment (PCI-DSS compliant only) and then MoneyIn3DAuthenticate and MoneyIn3DConfirm. Ensure that you set: registerCard=1. Use Charge a Registered Card for all subsequent payments.


<MoneyIn3DConfirm xmlns="Service_mb">



















<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
        <DATE> string </DATE>
        <SEN> string </SEN>
        <REC> string </REC>
        <DEB> string </DEB>
        <CRED> string </CRED>
        <COM> string </COM>
        <MSG> string </MSG>
        <STATUS> string</STATUS>
        <EXTRA> <!--since version 1.1 -->


            "DATE":" string ",
            "SEN":" string ",
            "REC":" string ",
            "DEB":" string ",
            "CRED":" string ",
            "COM":" string ",
            "MSG":" string ",
            "STATUS":" string",

Request Input Description

transactionIdTransaction ID to finalizeNoint255
MD"MD" Date returned by 3D Secure authentication web siteNostring1Ok9dCP55UUkWfdJwEid
PaRes"PaRes" data returned by 3D Secure authentication web siteNostringeJxVkdtSwjAQhl+l wwM0SY+EWTKDgsKM ICIgXGbaVaq0hbS1 8PYmpYheZb89Zfd fWO4U4vAVo0qhg CkWhfxAK4n7nYDz0 HNZR8B8sMCjgG9UR ZJngtnUdoBcURep aCezUoCMjneTmfB4 GAYhkBYhRTUZChZQ 1nV9j/
cardIdAssociated with a transaction on a registered cardNochar1Ok9dCP55UUkWfdJwEid
cardTypeCard typeNo[1] char0: CB
1: Visa
2: Mastercard
cardNumberCard numberNo[13 :19] char4.972E+15
cardCodeCVV Code at the back of the cardNo[3] char123
cardDateCard expiration dateNoMM/yyyyDec-13
isPreAuthAtos only: Indicates if the request is for a pre-authorization only.No[0:1] char0
If empty: the default behavior is no pre-authorization (unless you requested the contrary)
If = 1: payment will only be pre-authorized, you will have to call MoneyInValidate within 6 days in order to request the card debit.
If other value: the card will be debited
specialConfigLeave emptyNo[0:max] char
delayedDaysAtos only: if isPreAuth was not set to 1, this will be ignored.NoBetween 1 and 63
Indicates the number of days of the deferred payment. Between 0 and 6 days to have guaranteed payment.
registerCardRegister the card used for current payment. A cardId will be returned for you to make future payments and setup recurring payments. You will then be able to debit the card by calling MoneyInWithCardId.No[0:1] boolean1 = True
0 = False

Response Output Description

1IDTransaction ID255
1MLABELNon used
1DATERequest Date10/9/2011 18:09
1SENNon used in this case
1RECWallet to creditPizza56
1DEB0.00 in this case0
1CREDAmount to credit to the wallet (total less fee)15
1COMYour fee2
1MSGCommentOrder number 2457765AX2
1STATUS3 if a successful payment3
16 if successful pre-authorized payment
>= 1.1EXTRAContains extra data
>= 1.1EXTRA.IS3DSIndicates if the operation is 3D Secure:1
-0 if no -1 if yes
>= 1.1EXTRA.CTRYCountry code of the cardFRA
>= 1.1EXTRA.AUTHAuthorization number43245