Initiate a Direct Payment (PCI-DSS compliant only)


How it works

Payment with a New Card

  1. By calling Initiate a Direct Payment (PCI-DSS compliant only), you receive an Authentication URL and a Transaction Id. If you want to register a card to use the card several times or subscription payments set registerCard=1.
  2. With the Authentication URL, you are able to redirect the end-user to the ACS (Bank Authentication Server) Page.
  3. After 3D Secure Authentication, you will be called back on the ReturnURL
  4. If the authentication was done then, you then need to call Finalize a Direct Payment (PCI-DSS compliant only) specifying the returned Transaction Id to finalize the payment.

Payment with a Registered Card

  1. Ensure you have a cardId then call Initiate a Direct Payment (PCI-DSS compliant only) specifying the cardID parameter (cardId and CVV (optional)). If you want to improve the transaction success rate add the CVV code in the parameters.
  2. Refer to steps 2, 3, and 4 as stated above.


Did you know?

You require a cardId to make a transaction on a registered card. This id is displayed when you finalized your first payment with the registered card using Finalize a Direct Payment (PCI-DSS compliant only)



To ensure that the client’s card has been registered, call the following method before you initiative payments on a registered card: MoneyInGetCard

Subscription Payments

A prerequisite to setting up a subscription is that you have previously made a payment with a card and registered the card using MoneyIn3DInit.



When creating recurring payment that are one shot, ensure that you use the correct format One_shot as stated in the API.



When creating a recurring payment the recurringAvgAmount must be higher than totalAmount. If a lower amount is entered for recurringAvgAmount you will receive a directkit error message:
368: recurringAvgAmount stating that the amount should be greater than the transaction amount.


Did you know?

Initial transaction for a subscription can be for a predetermined or an undetermined length of time.

After you have registered a card refer to MoneyInWithCardId to begin setting up a subscription or payment by the delivery system.



To ensure the likelihood of frictionless payments you must set up payments of equal recurring amounts.


<MoneyIn3DInit xmlns="Service_mb"> 
    <Recurring>string</ Recurring>
    <suspiciousActivityIndicator>boolean <suspiciousActivityIndicator>
    <merchantCustomerAuthentDateTime>ISO8601 date time format<merchantCustomerAuthentDateTime> 
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>


    "paymentPattern": {
      "Recurring": "string",
      "One_shot": "string",
    "challengeMode": "string"
    "billingAddress": {
      "city": "string",
      "country": "string",
      "addressAdditional1": "string",
      "addressAdditional2": "string",
      "addressAdditional3": "string",
      "zipCode": "string",
      "state": "string"
    "holder": {
      "firstName": "string",
      "lastName": "string",
      "email": "string",
      "phone": "string",
      "mobile": "string",
      "workPhone": "string"
    "deliveryAddress": {
      "city": "string",
      "country": "string",
      "addressAdditional1": "string",
      "addressAdditional2": "string",
      "addressAdditional3": "string",
      "zipCode": "string",
      "state": "string"
    "deliveryAdditionalInfo": {
      "contact": {
        "email": "string",
        "numberOfItemsBasket": "string",
        "addressDeliveryBillingMatchIndicator": "boolean",
        "deliveryAddressCreationDate": "YYYY/MM/DD",
        "estimatedDeliveryDelay": "YYYY/MM/DD",
        "deliveryMode": "string"
      "customerAccountInfo": {
        "customerAccountId": "string",
        "numberOfPurchase180Days": "int",
        "numberOfTransactionYear": "int",
        "customerAccountCreationDate": "YYYY/MM/DD",
        "numberOfAttemptsAddCard24Hours": "int",
        "suspiciousActivityIndicator": "boolean",
        "numberOfTransaction24Hours": "int",
        "customerAccountChangeDate": "YYYY/MM/DD",
        "passwordChangeDate": "YYYY/MM/DD",
        "addPaymentMeanDate": "YYYY/MM/DD"
      "authentication": {
        "merchantCustomerAuthentMethod": "string",
        "merchantCustomerAuthentDateTime": "ISO8601 date time format"
                "SEN":" string",
challengeModeIf you would like to enforce 3D Secure for your client then use the challenge mode. Possible values are: No_preference (default value). The card holder's bank will decide whether or not to challange and CHALLENGENostringno_preference
walletWallet ID to creditYes[0 : 256] char33612345678 ou taxi67
amountTotAmount to debit from cardYes2 decimals15
amountComFee amount for youNo2 decimals1
commentCommentNo[0 :140] charOrder number 2457765AX2
wkTokenUnique ID of the call, generated by your server. This ID can be used as a search field when looking for operation detailsNo[0 : 50] char5652772
cardTypeCard typeYes[1] char0: CB
1: Visa
2: Mastercard
cardNumberCard numberYes[13 :19] char4.972E+15
cardCodeCVV Code at the back of the cardYes[3] char123
cardDateCard expiration dateYesMM/yyyyDec-13
autoCommissionThis should be set to No (0).Yes[1] char0: No (by «default)
If yes:1: Yes
[amountCom] will be ignored and will be replaced with Lemonway's fee
You will not receive any fee
returnUrlURL of return of the 3D Secure website. Your client will be redirected on this URL, which should be your website URL.Yes if Atos contract
specialConfigLeave emptyNo[0 :max] char
paymentPatternRecurring: If a payment follows a recurring amount or One shot: (when there is no future recurring payments)Nopossible values: Recurring or One_shot
recurringAvgAmountAverage Amount of future recurring payments to cover recurring payments with variable amounts - only if the recurring amount is higher than the amount of the first transactionNostring

Additional Optional Inputs to Enable Frictionless Payments

The following table displays the fields that are considered to have high importance for the card and banks ranking system. They recommend that they be populated if the information is available. The most important fields are ranked from R1 (being the most important) to R4.

billingAddressbillingAddress.citystringBilling addressParisR2
billingAddress.addressAdditional1string5 Avenue Anatole France
billingAddress.addressAdditional2stringEtage 2
holderholder.firstNamestringHolder contact informationMichelR1
holder.emailstring[email protected]R1
deliveryAddressdeliveryAddress.citystringDelivery address informationParisR1
Address.addressAdditional1string5 Avenue Anatole France
deliveryAddress.addressAdditional2stringEtage 2
(postal code)
deliveryAdditionalInfodeliveryAdditionalInfo.Contact.emailstringDelivery contact email[email protected]R2
numberOfItemsBasketstringNumber of items in shopping cart8R4
deliveryAdditionalInfo.DeliveryBillingMatchbooleanDescribes delivery and billing addresses are the same. Possible values: true or falsetrueR4
deliveryAdditionalInfo.deliveryAddressCreationDateYYYY/MM/DDCreation date of delievery address2020/05/05R4
deliveryAdditionalInfo.estimatedDeliveryDelayYYYY/MM/DDEstimated delivery date2021/06/21R4
deliveryAdditionalInfo.deliveryModestringDelivery Method for example: Postal Office or Amazon boxAmazon BoxR4
authenticationAuthentication.merchantCustomerAuthentMethodstringAuthentication method used to authenticate the buyer before making the payment.3R4
Possible merchantCustomerAuthentMethod Values: - NOAUTHENT = 1 (No authentication of the customer by the merchant), - OWNCREDENTIAL = 2 (Customer authentication by the merchant using his own system), - FEDERATEDID = 3 (Customer authentication by the merchant using an identifier federated (facebook, ...) (e.g. Facebook)), - ISSUERID = 4 (Customer authentication by the merchant using information of the issuer's payment mean), - THIRDPARTY = 5 (Customer authentication by the merchant using a third system), - FIDO = 6 (Customer authentication by the merchant with FIDO (Fast IDentity Online) system)
Authentication.merchantCustomerAuthentDateTimeISO8601 date time formatDate and time of the cardholder authentication2021-05-24T06:00ZR4
customerAccountInfocustomerAccountInfo.customerAccountIdstringAdditional information about the account optionally provided by the 3-D Secure Requestor.Customer for 1 yearR4
customerAccountInfo.numberOfPurchase180DaysintThe amount of customer transactions made over the last six months (last 180 days)10R4
customerAccountInfo.numberOfTransactionYearintNumber of accepted or abandoned transactions in the last year on the merchant's customer account.100R4
customerAccountInfo.customerAccountCreationDateYYYY/MM/DDWhen the customer account was originally created.2020/05/05R4
customerAccountInfo.numberOfAttemptsAddCard24HoursintNumber of distinct cards used by the merchant's account in the last 24 hours.1R4
customerAccountInfo.suspiciousActivityIndicatorbooleanNotes if a suspicious activity is detected on customer account in the merchant's website.falseR4
customerAccountInfo.numberOfTransaction24HoursstringHow many transactions did the customer make in the last 24hours1R4
customerAccountInfo.customerAccountChangeDateYYYY/MM/DDLast date the customer account was changed2020/07/14R4
customerAccountInfo.passwordChangeDateYYYY/MM/DDDate of last change of password of the customer account2020/07/14R4
customerAccountInfo.addPaymentMeanDateYYYY/MM/DDDate of last added form of payment made to account. For example a new card registered to the account2020/05/05R4

ACS and Transaction Descriptions

ACSEncapsulate data sent by the system that emits the card
ACS>actionUrlRedirect URL for the Client on the 3D Secure web
ACS>actionUrlRedirect URL for the Client on the 3D Secure web
ACS>actionMethodOnly if Payxpert contract.POST
Method to use to transmit information to the 3DS authentication platform using GET or POST
ACS>pareqFieldNameOnly if Payxpert contract.PaReq
Name of the field to use to transmit "pareq" data
ACS>pareqFieldValueOnly if Payxpert contract.eJxVkdtSwjAQhl+F4QGapPTILJlBYZQZW7XCoNxl2tVWe4C0tfD2JqWIXmW/PWX3X1inEnHxgnErkUOAdS0+cJQls7FLKaMeG3N4mkd44PCNss6qkjODGiaQC6oiGaeibDiI+HCzCrnlu67jAhkQCpSrBWcOZd7EtphNXZ/6QM5uKEWB/
Pareq data to send
ACS> termurlFieldNameOnly if Payxpert contract.TermUrl
Field name to use to transmit your return URL
ACS>mdFieldNameOnly if Payxpert contract.MD
Name of the field to transmit the "md" variable
ACS>mdFieldValueOnly if Payxpert contract.18V64ziCeuvLFKPdne7G
"md" variable to transmit
ACS>mpiResultNot used anymore
TRANS>HPAYEncapsulate a summary of the initialized transaction
TRANS>HPAY>IDTransaction ID, to save to  at confirmation step677
TRANS>HPAY>MLABELNon used for your brand
TRANS>HPAY>RECWallet to creditPizza56
TRANS>HPAY>DEB0.00 in this case0
TRANS>HPAY>CREDAmount to credit to the wallet(total less fee)15
TRANS>HPAY>MSGCommentOrder number 2457765AX2
TRANS>HPAY>STATUSNon used in your KIT0

Response Ouput Description

1TOKENPayment Token to pass to WebKit URL using GET1wGaBwkdOmOxWT0s4t1Z1364815
> = 1.2IDTransaction ID3232
> =1.3CARDIDCard ID if registerCard=134

Example of form to use to redirect the client on the authentication website:


'<form action="" method="post">
<input type="text" name="'.$pareqFieldName .'" value="'.$pareqFieldValue.'">
<input type="text" name="'.$termurlFieldName.'" value="'.$myReturnUrl.'">
<input type="text" name="'.$mdFieldName.'" value="'.$mdFieldValue.'">
<input type="submit" name="submit" class="submit" value="Go to 3DS"></form>'

Mercanet (simple redirection to actionUrl):

$actionUrl : URL to 3DS authentication website
header('Location: '.$actionUrl);