Charge a Registered Card


How it works

This method can be used for Subscriptions or Payments Upon Delivery.

For Partners using the Web PSP Payment Mode:

  • For Subscriptions with equal recurring amounts: for the initial subscription payment, use MoneyInWebInit and ensure that you set: registerCard=1, then use Charge a Registered Card for all subsequent equal amounts payments.

  • For Payments Upon Delivery: use Initiate a Web Payment to pre-authorize the amount you will charge upon delivery. Ensure that you set the delayedDays field between 1 to 6 days. Depending on if you want to guarantee the payment or not, use Capture a Deferred Payment or
    Charge a Registered Card to capture the funds (details on the Card Payment Guide)

For PCI-DSS Partners using Direct Payment Mode (no PSP page):

For more information see, 🔐 3D Secure v2 and Card Payments


Questions to ask?

Why this card is rebilled: is it a monthly payment for a service, which service, which website, which command, with which email.
Ensure you add all information regarding the rebill on this comment field. We may ask you to add more information on this field to answer complaints directly coming to our Customer Service from your customers, or from banks, or from the police, or from Visa/Mastercard, or from the regulator.


<MoneyInWithCardId xmlns="Service_mb">

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
        <DATE> string </DATE>
        <SEN> string </SEN>
        <REC> string </REC>
        <DEB> string </DEB>
        <CRED> string </CRED>
        <COM> string </COM>
        <MSG> string </MSG>
        <STATUS> string</STATUS>
        <EXTRA> <!--since version 1.1 -->


            "DATE":" string ",
            "SEN":" string ",
            "REC":" string ",
            "DEB":" string ",
            "CRED":" string ",
            "COM":" string ",
            "MSG":" string ",
            "STATUS":" string",

Request Input Description

ItemDescription MandatoryFormatExample
walletPayment account ID to creditYes[0 : 256] char33612345678 ou taxi67
cardIdID of the card associated with the payment accountYes[0 : 256] char243
amountTotAmount to pay on the cardYes2 decimals15
amountComYour fee for this paymentNo2 decimals1
commentComment:No[0 :140] charPO 24577 [email protected] Monthly 03/2014
Please explain the exact situation for this rebill: URL of the website, order number, customer number and email, name of the service.
autoCommissionThis should be set to No (0).Yes[1] char0: No (by default)
If  set to Yes:1: Yes
[amountCom] will be ignored and will be replaced with Lemonway's fee
You will not receive any fee
isPreAuthExcept for Payxpert: Indicates if the request is delayed and will require validation.No[0:1] char0
If = 1: payment will only be pre-authorized, you will have to call MoneyInValidate within 6 days or [delayedDays] in order to request the card debit.
If empty: the default behavior is no delay and no validation necessary (unless stated otherwise in your contract)
If other value: the card will be debited without delay and without validation necessary
delayedDaysExcept for Payxpert: if isPreAuth was not set to 1, this will be ignored.NoBetween 1 and 9930
Please use with caution, if delayedDays > 6, it is possible that the payment will be denied when you try to validate it because a new authorization will be made.
specialConfigLeave emptyNo[0 :max] char

Response Output Description

1IDRequest ID255
1MLABELMasked Card NumberXXXX XXXX XXXX 9854
1DATERequest Date10/9/2011 18:09
1SENEmpty in this case
1RECBeneficiary payment accountPizza56
1DEB0.00 in this case0
1CREDAmount to credit to the payment account (total less fee)15
1COMYour fee2
1MSGCommentOrder number 2457765AX2
1STATUS3 if a successful payment3
16 if successful pre-authorized payment
>= 1.1EXTRAExtra data
>= 1.1EXTRA.IS3DSIndicates if the operation was 3D Secure:1
0 if no
1 if yes
>= 1.1EXTRA.CTRYCountry code of the cardFRA
>= 1.1EXTRA.AUTHAuthorization number43245