Initialize Sofort Payment


How it works

You will need 2 integration points on your code:

  • One call to DirectKit to init Sofort payment to credit the wallet
  • One redirection from your website to the return URL by Sofort

See: Finalize Sofort Transaction ]


<MoneyInSofortInit xmlns="Service_mb">
  <wkToken>string</wkToken >

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>



Request Input Description

walletWallet ID to creditYes[0: 256] char33612345678 ou taxi67
wkTokenUnique ID of the call created by your server that will be used returned by Lemonway at the end of the operation, using a POST on your URLYes[1: 50] char5652772
amountTotAmount to debit from the cardYes2 decimals15
amountComYour feeNo2 decimals1
commentComment regarding the transactionNo[0:140] charOrder number 2457765AX2
returnUrlYou return the URL, called by Sofort to terminate the operation and on which the callback will be sent, with data in POST parameters.Yes[1: max] char
This URL must contain a unique ID so you know which operation is related to the return.
autoCommissionIndicate if a fee is taken directly from the amount to pay.Yes[1] char0: No (by default)
If Yes: [amount] is debited from the card, and creditWallet receives [amount-Lemonway fee]1: Yes
Else amountCom value is used

Response Output Description

IDThe ID of the transaction. You will this value to confirm the transaction589
actionUrlRedirect URL for the client on the Sofort page