Finalize Sofort Transaction

This function is used to credit a wallet using Sofort Payment when the money-in has been previously initialized with MoneyInSofortInit function of DirectKit webservice.

How it works

💡 Prerequisite

Your system has initialized money-in using the moneyInSofortInit method of DirectKit. Your server owns a money-in link now.

  1. Your server redirects the user to the returned link of MoneyInSofortInit
  2. On this payment webpage, the user can enter the account data
  3. The money-in transaction is saved and the user is redirected to your website.


Your system returns a URL that receives 2 different responses:

  • When the client terminates its payment or when the payment is cancelled by the user, a notification (callback) is sent from Lemonway's server to your system's URL. Data are transmitted in POST.
  • When the client terminates its operation, he is redirected to your system URL with data in a GET

🛡️ Important

For security reasons, in any case of return by the POST, your server has to double-check the payment using the GetMoneyInTransDetails method of DirectKit to make sure the payment was done.

POST Response

response_codeAnswer code:0
0000: success
3000: error
response_wkTokenwkToken sent by your system when initializing the money-inrhjzekdzejkd
response_msgComment on the answer code
response_transactionIdLemonway transaction ID755
response_transactionAmountAmount of the payment transaction34
2001Command not recognized
2002Operation cancelled by the user
2003Authentication failed on Webkit
2004Bad format Request
3000Server Error
4000Unknown Error

GET Response

response_wkTokenwkToken went by your system in the entry of money-in initialization.rhjzekdzejkd