Generate an Electronic Signature of a Document


How it works

This functionality allows you to generate an electronic signature. Currently, only SDD mandates can be signed with this method.


Three steps to follow for this method :

  • A call to SignDocumentInit: Generate an electronic signature of a document of DirectKit to initialize the signature request and get a token
  • A redirection from your website to the WebKit, with the token in GET parameter, see Finalize Document Signature
  • A return page where your user will be redirected after the signature


<SignDocumentInit xmlns="Service_mb">

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>



Request Input Description

walletPayment account IdYes[0: 256] chartaxi67
mobileNumberRequired if no mobile number is already assigned to the payment account (using RegisterWallet or UpdateWalletDetails)Depends[6: 30] char33612345678
The format must be MSISDN: international number with country code, without "+" and "00".
Even in test mode, please use a mobile number that belongs to you, as a code will be sent by SMS during the signature process.
If you use the wrong format number, LemonWay will still create the token for you, but later, when the end-user tried to use the token, the Yousign service might reject it and forward the end-user to the errorUrl.
documentIdMandate Id to sign: output of the call RegisterSddMandateYesint46
documentTypeUse "21" for SDD MandateYesint21
returnUrlYou return the URL, called by WebKit to terminate the operationYes[1: 2000] char
errorUrlYou return the URL, called by WebKit in case of an errorYes[1: 2000] char

Response Output Description

TOKENPayment token to use as GET parameter when redirecting your user to the WebKit.63458771evCKM8Wn6GPt44HgcRt56gRerAp
The token can be re-used.

Once you've got the token, use the Webkit to sign your document: WEBKITURL?signingtoken=token

The link is not re-useable. Once you open it, the end-user has to go to the end of the signing process, or else you will have to re-generate another token for him.