Register a SDD Mandate




The mandate will expire 36 months after its last use for a direct debit.

How it works

This method allows you to pre-register a Mandate.

  • If you register a Mandate with an electronic signature, the Mandate will be pending. You need to use Generate an Electronic Signature of a Document call to sign the Mandate. The status will change accordingly.
  • If you register a Mandate with an opt-in signature, the Mandate will be automatically validated. Please refer to the Support Team for this option.


<RegisterSddMandate xmlns="Service_mb">




Request Input Description

walletAccount IDYes[0 : 256] char33612345678 or taxi67
the Technical wallet or KYC1 wallet are not authorized (except for some specials partners)
holderIBAN holderYes[1 :100] charJean Dupont
bicBIC / SWIFT CodeYes[11] charABCDEFGHIJK
ibanIBANYes[15 : 34] charFR1420041010050500013M02606
isRecurring1: recurrent paymentYes[1] char1
0: one payment
isB2B1: SEPA business to business No [1] char 1
0: SEPA Core
By default 0
streetClient number and street.Yes[0 :256] car26 rue de Paris
postCodeClient postcode/ZIPYes[0 :10] car93100
cityClient cityYes[0 :256] carMontreuil
countryClient countryYes[0 :256] carFRANCE
mandateLanguageLanguage of the generated mandate.No[2] charses
Currently, the available languages are: fr, en, de, es, it.
If you need another, please contact us. 
en is used by default if no language is requested.
rumUnique mandate reference number (UMR)No[0 :35] car123456

Response Output Description

IDMandate ID253
SMandate status:0
0: pending approval
5: validated
RUMUnique mandate reference number (UMR)LW123456