Register a SDD Mandate




The mandate will expire 36 months after its last use for a direct debit.

How it works

This method allows you to pre-register a Mandate.

  • If you register a Mandate with an electronic signature, the Mandate will be pending. You need to use Generate an Electronic Signature of a Document call to sign the Mandate. The status will change accordingly.
  • If you register a Mandate with an opt-in signature, the Mandate will be automatically validated. Please refer to the Support Team for this option.


<RegisterSddMandate xmlns="Service_mb">




Request Input Description

walletAccount IDYes[0: 256] char33612345678 or taxi67
the Technical wallet or KYC1 wallet is not authorized (except for some specials partners)
holderIBAN holderYes[1:100] charJean Dupont
bicBIC / SWIFT CodeYes[11] charABCDEFGHIJK
ibanIBANYes[15: 34] charFR1420041010050500013M02606
isRecurring1: recurrent paymentYes[1] char1
0: one payment
isB2B1: SEPA business to business No [1] char 1
0: SEPA Core
By default 0
streetClient number and street.Yes[0:256] car26 rue de Paris
postCodeClient postcode/ZIPYes[0:10] car93100
cityClient cityYes[0:256] carMontreuil
countryClient countryYes[0:256] carFRANCE
mandateLanguageLanguage of the generated mandate.No[2] charses
Currently, the available languages are fr, en, de, es, and it.
If you need another, please contact us. 
en is used by default if no language is requested.
rumUnique mandate reference number (UMR)No[0:35] car123456

Response Output Description

IDMandate ID253
SMandate status:0
0: pending approval
5: validated
RUMUnique mandate reference number (UMR)LW123456