Verifone Error Codes

101Contact the card issuer
102Contact the card issuer
103Invalid merchant
104Keep the card
105Do not honour
107Keep the card, special conditions
108Authorised after cardholder identified
112Invalid transaction
113Invalid amount
114Invalid PAN
115Unknown issuer
117Cancelled by customer
119Please retry later
120Error in answer
124Updated file type not supported
125Unable to find file data
126Duplicate record, previous record updated
127Error when editing field while updating file
128File access denied
129File update not possible
130Format error
131Acquirer ID unknown
133Card expired
134Suspicion of fraud
138Too many attempts at secret code
141Lost card
143Stolen card
151Insufficient funds or over credit limit
154Card expiry date passed
155Secret code error
156Card absent from file
157Transaction not permitted for this holder
158Transaction forbidden at this terminal
159Suspicion of fraud
160Card accepter must contact purchaser
161Withdrawal amount past the limit
163Security regulations not respected
168Reply not anticipated or received too late
175Too many attempts at secret code
176Holder already on stop, former record kept
189Authentication failure
190System temporary interrupted
191Card issuer not accessible
194Request duplicated
196System malfunction
197Time of global surveillance has expired
198Server unreachable
199Incident initiating domain