Upload Document for KYC



The regulatory thresholds for downloading documents (KYC: Know Your Customer) are indicated in your service contract signed with Lemonway. Please respect them scrupulously. Lemonway systematically controls the transmission of documents.

How it works

Use UploadFile to upload documents into a payment account (max size 10 Mb) for manual validation. 4MB max to be analyzed instantly by the machine.



For security reasons, only those document types are accepted: PDF, JPG, JPEG, and PNG.
Refrain from using the TIFF format.


<UploadFile xmlns="Service_mb">

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>



Request Input Description

walletPayment account IDYes[0 : 256]12345
fileNameName of the documentYesStringCIN_wallet1.png
typeType of document:YesString2
0: ID card (both sides in one file)
1: Proof of address
2: Scan of proof of IBAN
3: Passport (European Community)
4: Passport (outside the European Community)
5: Residence permit (both sides in one file)
7: Official company registration document (Kbis extract or equivalent)
11: Driver license (both sides in one file)
12: Status
13: Selfie
21: SDD Mandate
bufferByte array with the document.YesByte[]
Encode in base 64 if necessary.
sddMandateIdThis allows you to upload the mandate document you signed yourself (with your own signing partner) in order to validate a mandate ID you previously created with RegisterSddMandate.Noint356
This is not allowed to all of our partners, please contact us if you want to use it.

Response Output Description

IDID of the document521
SStatus of the document1
The list of document status is available in annex
SUBSTATUSSub status of the document2
Only when Status = 1
The list of substatus is available in annex
ACCOUNTSTATUSStatus of the Payment account5
The list of account status is available in annex