Retrieve Payment Details


How it works

Retrieves the details of a Payment that has previously been initiated.

  • Card
  • iDeal
  • Fund transfer
  • SDD

ūüĎá Alternative

: retrieve a list of Money In/Out transactions


<GetMoneyInTransDetails xmlns="Service_mb">
  <transactionMerchantToken>string</transactionMerchantToken> <!-- since version 1.1 -->
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
        <DATE> string </DATE>
        <SEN> string </SEN>
        <REC> string </REC>
        <DEB> string </DEB>
        <CRED> string </CRED>
        <COM> string </COM>
        <MSG> string </MSG>
        <STATUS> string</STATUS>
        <THREEDS> <!--FROM 01/04/21 -->                                                                                 <THREEDSMODEREQUESTED>string</THREEDSMODEREQUESTED>
        <EXTRA> <!--since version 1.3 -->
            <AUTH>string</AUTH> <!--since version 1.5 -->
            <NUM>string</NUM> <!--since version 1.8 -->
            <EXP> string </EXP><!--since version 1.8 -->
            <TYP> string </TYP><!--since version 1.8 -->
        <MLABEL>string</MLABEL><!--since version 1.6 -->


    "transactions": {
        "value": [
                "receiverAccountId": "5d476b08-9961-43b5-a206-e6a195e2ea29",
                "creditAmount": 1400,
                "scheduledNumber": null,
                "maskedLabel": "",
                "card": {
                    "id": 0,
                    "is3DS": false,
                    "expiration": "2025/01",
                    "type": "VISA"
                "refundAmount": 0.0,
                "bankReference": null,
                "ChequeSendingAddress_CorporateName": null,
                "ChequeSendingAddress_Street": null,
                "ChequeSendingAddress_City": null,
                "ChequeSendingAddress_PostCode": null,
                "threeDS": {
                    "threeDSModeRequested": "NO_PREFERENCE",
                    "threeDSResult": "CHALLENGE"
                "id": 480782,
                "method": 0,
                "date": 1617037555,
                "commissionAmount": 100,
                "comment": "Order number 2457765AX2",
                "status": 0,
                "executionDate": 1617037649,
                "lemonWayCommission": {
                    "idp2p": "322676",
                    "amount": 57
                "reference": "66239bc6-3ecc-42de-9e07-983d1201ce66"

Request Input Description

>= 1.0transactionIdMoney-in IDNoint255
>= 1.0transactionCommentMoney-in CommentNo[0 :140] charOrder number 245776
>= 1.1transactionMerchantTokenToken from wkToken variable, used in entry of MoneyInWebInit (v 1.0)No[0 : 50] char312232
>= 1.0startDateDate in UTC seconds, in order to return transactions initialized after startDateNo[0 :10] int1373448225
>= 1.0endDateDate in UTC seconds, in order to return transactions initialized before startDateNo[0 :10] int1373448225

Response Output Description

>= 1.0HPAYMoney-in
>= 1.0SCHEDULED_DATEIf it's a money-in by SDD, and if you gave a collection date12/31/2015
>= 1.0IDMoney-in ID255
>= 1.0DATEMoney-in Date10/9/2011 18:09
>= 1.0SENEmpty in this case
>= 1.0RECThe wallet that did the Money-inpizza
>= 1.0DEB0 in this case0
>= 1.0CREDAmount to credit to the wallet (total less fee)15
>= 1.0COMPartner commission in case autoCom = 02
or Lemonway commission if the autoCom was = 1
>= 1.0MSGCommentOrder number 245776
(For Bank Transfers, comment includes the customer name when banks provide it + the comment entered by the customer during wire transfer order. Contact Support to turn on/off "Debtor Name" & "Comment" parsing). 
>= 1.0STATUS (deprecated, use INT_STATUS instead)3: money-in successful3
4: error
0: waiting for finalization (since version 1.2)
16: Reservation made successfully, awaiting validation. (Only with differed payments)
>= 1.3EXTRAOptional card info
>= 1.3EXTRA.IS3DS3DS authentication:1
0 if No
1 if Yes
>= 1.3EXTRA.CTRYThe country that emitted the cardFRA
>= 1.4INT_MSGError codes from our partners and messages from Lemonway05-00-05 ERR_PSP_REFUSED
Codes are at the end of this document
>= 1.5EXTRA.AUTHAuthorization number455622
>= 1.6MLABELIBAN when money-in by iDEAL or SDD
>= 1.8EXTRA.NUMMasked card number4972XXXXXXXXXX03
>= 1.8EXTRA.EXPExpiration date if available
>= 2.2INT_STATUS0: success0
4: pending
6: error
7: canceled (by the customer or dropped)
16: wait for validation / finalization
1/4/2021THREEDSthreeDSModeRequested (string, optional) 3DS exemption request. Possible values : 
NO_PREFERENCE : The issuing Bank can choose to activate or not 3DS v2 
threeDSResult (string, optional) 3DS authentication result. Possible values : 
CHALLENGE : 3DS v2 was activated and the payer was asked to be strongly authenticated
FRICTIONLESS : 3DS v2 was not activated
NONE : we could not get the result of SCA