Register a Money-in by Cheque


Allows you to initialize a cheque you have physically received and plan to send to Lemonway in order to credit a wallet.
You can also not use this functionality and directly send the cheque to Lemonway.

How it works

  1. You receive a cheque
  2. You call MoneyInChequeInit to register the cheque on the correct wallet
  3. You send the cheque to Lemonway's address
  4. The operation will be confirmed about 2 working days after Lemonway has received the cheque and the wallet will be credited


<MoneyInChequeInit xmlns="Service_mb">

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
        <DATE> string </DATE>
        <SEN> string</SEN>


            "DATE":" string ",
            "SEN":" string",

Request Input Description

walletThe payment account ID to creditYes[0: 256] char33612345678 or taxi67
amountTotAmount of the chequeYes2 decimals15
amountComAmount of the fees you want to keepYes2 decimals1
commentCommentNo[0:140] char245
autoCommissionTells if you want us to automatically calculate the correct fee to debit from the client.Yes[1] char0: no (default)
If yes: [amountTot] will be debited from the bank account, [payment account] will receive [amounTot- Lemonway's automatic fee], and you will not receive any fee1: yes
transferIdLeave emptyNo[8] char
partnerLeave emptyNo[0: 256] char
chequeTypeIf empty or 15 for cheque payment.No[2] char15
23: Pagaré

Response Output Description

IDThe transaction ID677
MLABELNot used
DATEInitialization date18/06/2014 16:11:10
SENNot used
RECPayment account to creditPizza56
DEB0.00 in this case0
CREDAmount to credit (total minus your fee)15
COMYour fee2
STATUSAlways 0 in this case: pending0