Preauthorization Request/SDD Cancellation


How it works

With the CancelMoneyIn method, you can cancel a pre-authorization / SDD request.



All parameters are mandatory


<CancelMoneyIn xmlns="Service_mb">
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
        <EXTRA> <!--à partir de la version 1.3 -->
            <AUTH>string</AUTH> <!--à partir de la version 1.5 -->
            <NUM>string</NUM> <!--à partir de la version 1.8 -->
            <EXP>string</EXP> <!--à partir de la version 1.8 -->
            <TYP>string</TYP> <!--à partir de la version 1.8 -->
        <MLABEL>string</MLABEL> <!--à partir de la version 1.6 -->
        <REFUND>string<REFUND> <!--à partir de la version 2.1 -->


        "HPAY": {   
            "EXTRA": {   
            "REFUND":"string" <!-- à partir de la version 2.1 -->

Request Input Description

>= 1.0walletPayment account IDYes[1:256] charPizza75
>= 1.0transactionMoneyIn IDYesint255

Response Output Description

>= 1.0HPAYCorrespond to a money-in
>= 1.0IDMoney-in ID255
>= 1.0CARD_IDCard ID255
>= 1.0DATEMoney-in date10/9/2011 18:09
>= 1.0SENEmpty in this case
>= 1.0RECPayment account that performed the money-inpizza
>= 1.0DEB0 in this case0
>= 1.0CREDAmount to credit on the payment account (total minus fee)15
>= 1.0COMYour fee2
>= 1.0MSGCommentorder 245
>= 1.0STATUS3: money-in successfully completed3
4: error
0: waiting for finalization (from version 1.2)
16: Reservation successfully made, waiting for validation. (Only if you have chosen an environment with a deferred payment method)
>= 2.2INT_STATUS0: success0
4: pending
6: error
7: cancelled (by the client or dropped) 
16: waiting for validation/finalization
>= 1.3EXTRAAn optional tag containing card information
>= 1.3EXTRA.IS3DSIndicates whether the transaction has been authenticated with 3D Secure:1
0 if no
1 if yes
>= 1.3EXTRA.CTRYCode pays du pays d'émission de la carteFRA
>= 1.5EXTRA.AUTHAuthorization number455622
>= 1.8EXTRA.NUMHidden card numbers4972XXXXXXXXXX03
>= 1.8EXTRA.EXPexpiration date if applicable
>= 1.4INT_MSGerror codes or Lemonway messages05-00-05
>= 1.6MLABELIBAN if money-in have been performed by iDEAL or SDD
>= 1.0SCHEDULED_DATEfor an SDD12/31/2015
>= 2.1REFUNDRefund amount15