Mercanet v1 Page

Mercanet Payment Contains Two Pages:

  1. The first page to select the payment type and the type of card
  2. The second page to enter card details and pay

You can personalize the following:

  • The language of payment pages: please refer to Finalize card payment, indirect mode
  • The card form can be integrated into your website. Instead of redirecting your client after MoneyInWebInit, get the form on your server (using a simple cURL call) and integrate it on your payment page
  • The card payment form. You can send the CSS you need for this page by sending your CSS with a parameter, as seen on Finalize Card Payment, Indirect Mode#Request. For production, please use an HTTPS URL with a certificate. If you don't have this, we can host your CSS.

Payment Page Example

Without Custom CSS:


With Custom CSS: