Initialize MB WAY Payment


Payment Process

You call the DirectKit API, provide a phone number to initialize the payment
The payment order is sent to the customer's smartphone
The customer pays with his smartphone
You will be notified after the payment is settled


<MoneyInMbwayInit xmlns="Service_mb">
  <wkToken>string</wkToken >

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>



Request Input Description

walletPayment account ID to creditYes[0: 256] char33612345678 or taxi67
wkTokenUnique ID of the call created by your server that will be used and returned by Lemonway at the end of the operation, using a POST on your URLYes[1: 50] char5652772
amountTotAmount to debit from the final clientYes2 decimals15
amountComYour feeYes2 decimals1
commentComment regarding the transactionYes[0 :140] charCommande number 245
returnUrlYour return URL, called by MB Way to terminate the operation and on which the callback will be sent, with data in POST parametersYes[1: max] char
autoCommissionIndicates if a fee is taken directly from the amount to pay. Yes[1] char0: no (by default)
If Yes: [amount] is debited from the card, and creditWallet receives [amount-Lemonway fee] 1: yes
Else amountCom value is used
phonePhone numbers of the final clientYes9 digits513212744

Response Output Description

IDTransaction ID. You'll need this ID to confirm the transaction589
referenceReferences in format: entitades.referencias0.425