Get Batched Detailed Wallet Data

How it works

This method is often used by your system, to get all information regarding many payment accounts at the same time: the amount of Money-in the wallet and so forth. Everything about one wallet is here.

Note: This call does NOT support special wallets such as SC (11) and LW (4).

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<GetWalletDetails xmlns="Service_mb_xml">

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
    <DOCS> <!--since version 1.1-->
            <TYPE>documentType</TYPE><!--since version 1.2-->
            <VD>validity date</VD><!--since version 1.5-->
    <IBANS> <!--since version 1.1-->
            <DATA>iban</DATA><!--since version 1.3-->
            <SWIFT>swiftCode</SWIFT><!--since version 1.3-->
            <HOLDER>holder</HOLDER><!--since version 1.6-->
    <BLOCKED>1</BLOCKED> <!--since de version 1.6-->
    <SDDMANDATES> <!--since de version 1.4-->
    <CARDS> <!--since version 1.8-->
                <IS3DS> string </IS3DS>
                <CTRY> string </CTRY>
                <AUTH> string </AUTH>
                <NUM> string </NUM>
                <EXP> string </EXP>
                <TYP> string </TYP>
    <!--since version 2.0-->
    <FirstName> string </FirstName>
    <LastName> string </LastName>
    <CompanyName> string </CompanyName>
    <CompanyDescription> string </CompanyDescription>
    <CompanyWebsite> string </CompanyWebsite>


                    "VD":"validity date"

Request Input Description

walletPayment account IDNo[0: 256] char33612345678
emailPayment account emailNo[0: 256] char[email protected]

Response Output Description

>= 1.0WALLETPayment account
>= 1.0IDPayment account ID33612345678 ou taxi67
>= 1.0BALPayment account balance amount23.9
>= 1.0NAMEFirst name and last nameJean Dupont
>= 1.0EMAILEmail[email protected]
>= 1.1DOCSList of documents that changed since the entry date
>= 1.1DOCDocument
>= 1.1DOC>IDDocument ID20
>= 1.1DOC>SStatus of the document.2
The list of statuses is available in the annexe
>= 1.2DOC>TYPEType of document.0
The list of types is available in the annexe
>= 1.5DOC>VDThe validity date of the document23/03/2016
Format: dd/mm/yyyy
Empty if unknown
>= 1.1IBANSIBAN list that changed since the entry date
>= 1.0IBAN>SOnly status 5 allows the use of the IBAN for a money-out.5
The list of types is available in annex
>= 1.3IBAN>DATAIBAN saved30002014400000156627A61
>= 1.3IBAN>SWIFTSWIFT BIC code associated to the IBANCRLYFRPP
>= 1.6IBAN>HOLDERHolder of the IBANJean Dupont
>= 1.0STATUSPayment account status.5
The list of status is available in annex 
>= 1.6BLOCKEDIndicates if wallet is blocked or not:1
0: not blocked
1: blocked
>= 1.4SDDMANDATESList of SDD mandates associated to the wallet
>= 1.4SDDMANDATESDD mandate block
>= 1.4SDDMANDATE>IDMandate ID98
>= 1.4SDDMANDATE>SMandate status.5
The list of types is available in annex 
>= 1.4SDDMANDATE>DATAIBAN associated with the mandate
>= 1.4SDDMANDATE>SWIFTSWIFT code associated with the mandate
>= 1.7LWIDInternal ID is given by LEMONWAY (ID displayed on the BACKOFFICE)3673
>= 1.8CARDSList of cards linked to the wallet
>= 2.0FirstNameHolder's First NameJean
>= 2.0LastNameHolder's Last NameDupont
>= 2.0CompanyNameCompany nameLEMON
>= 2.0CompanyDescriptionCompany DescriptionPayment Service
>= 2.0CompanyWebsiteCompany
>= 2.0isDebtorFor crowdfunding/loan platforms, indicates if the wallet is created for a debtor 0
1: yes 
0 or empty: no
>= 2.0payerOrBeneficiaryIndicates if the wallet is created for a payer or a beneficiary: 1
Empty: unknown status (default) 
1: payer 
2: beneficiary