Search for User, Document, IBAN, modified since an entry date

How it works

Use GetKycStatus to look for users, documents, IBAN for which the status has changed since a specified date.



GetKycStatus will return the same user multiple times in the same request if his status has changed multiple times since a specified date.


<GetKycStatus xmlns="Service_mb">

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
        <DATE>lastUpdateDate UTC seconds</DATE>
                <D>documentDateChange</D> <!--since version 1.1 -->
                <C>documentComment</C><!--since version 1.3 -->
                <VD>validityDate</VD> <!--since version 1.5 -->
                <TYPE>documentType</TYPE> <!--since version 1.6 -->
                <D>ibanDateChange</D> <!--since version 1.1 -->
        <SDDMANDATES><!--since version 1.4 -->


            "DATE":"lastUpdateDate UTC seconds",

Request Input Description

updateDateDate in second UTCYesString1373448225

Response Output Description

>= 1.0WALLETSPayment account list
>= 1.0WALLETPayment account
>= 1.0IDPayment account ID521
>= 1.0SStatus of the Payment account.1
The list of status is available in annex 
>= 1.0DATEDate of modification of the Payment account status in Second UTC1373448289
>= 1.0DOCSList of documents which status has changed since the entry date
>= 1.0DOCDocument
>= 1.0DOC.IDDocument ID20
>= 1.0DOC.SStatus of the document.2
The list of status is available in annex
>= 1.1DOC.DDate when the status of the document changed
>= 1.3DOC.CComment added by Backoffice for the document
>= 1.5DOC.VDValidity date of the document23/03/2015
Format: dd/mm/yyy
Empty if unknown
>= 1.6DOC.TYPEType of the document
The list of document types is available in annex  
>= 1.0IBANSList of IBAN which status has changed since the entry date
>= 1.0IDIBAN ID98
>= 1.0SOnly status 5 allows the use of the IBAN for a money-out.5
The list of status is available in annex
>= 1.1DDate of status change for the IBAN
>= 1.4SDDMANDATESList os mandates which status changed since input date
>= 1.4SDDMANDATEOne mandate
>= 1.4IDMandate ID98
>= 1.4SMandate status.5
The list of status is available in annex