External Fund Transfer from a Wallet to a Bank Account


The MoneyOut method: a selected wallet is debited from a selected amount (total amount or partial amount). This amount is credited to the IBAN attached to the wallet.

When the method is called, the Wallet is debited immediately.

The fund transfer is then processed the same day or the next working day, when Lemonway proceeds to all fund transfers for all its customers, after 10:30 Paris time.

If money-out fees exist, they are collected when this method is called.

How it works

Choose an IBAN if multiple IBAN exist for the Wallet. Choose an amount, not greater than the balance of the wallet. Call Money-out, and the system performs the fund transfer to the IBAN if everything is clear, or returns an error message.

💡 Did you know?

  • The wallet is debited immediately and the money is then received by the owner, on their bank account after 1 to 3 days, depending on the interbanking system and on the banks (SEPA is faster).
  • You can ask us to configure your platform so that your comment is included in the bank transfer message so your customer will see it on the bank statement.
  • The full message will be in the following format "XXXX-YYYY ZZZZ", where :
  • XXXX is the name of your environment
  • YYYY is the ID of the money-out operation as you see it in the Backoffice
  • ZZZZ is your comment.
  • The full message cannot be longer than 35 characters (if longer, it will be cut), and only alphanumeric characters will be allowed (other characters will be replaced by spaces before it's sent to the bank).


<MoneyOut xmlns="Service_mb">
  <ibanId>string</ibanId> <!-- since version 1.1 -->
  <autoCommission>string</autoCommission> <!-- since la version 1.3 -->
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
        <MID>string</MID> <!--since version 1.1 -->
        <DATE> string </DATE>
        <SEN> string </SEN>
        <REC> string </REC>
        <DEB> string </DEB>
        <CRED> string </CRED>
        <COM> string </COM>
        <MSG> string </MSG>
        <STATUS> string</STATUS>


            "DATE":" string ",
            "SEN":" string ",
            "REC":" string ",
            "DEB":" string ",
            "CRED":" string ",
            "COM":" string ",
            "MSG":" string ",
            "STATUS":" string"

Request Input Description

>= 1.0walletWallet ID to be debitedYes[0 : 256] char33612345678 or taxi67
>= 1.0amountTotTotal amount to debit from the wallet.Yes2 decimals15
The client will receive on his bank account [amountTot] minus [amountCom]
>= 1.0amountComYour feeNo2 decimals3
>= 1.0messagePayment CommentNo[0:140] charOrder number 2457765AX2
>= 1.1ibanIdIBAN IDNo[0: 10]253
If no IBAN is specified, the last verified (validated) IBAN will be used.
>= 1.3autoCommissionThis should be set to No (0) for most.Yes0 or 10: fee is not debited automatically
If yes:1: fee is automatically debited
[amountCom] will be ignored and will be replaced with Lemonway's fee
You will not receive any fee

Response Output Description

>= 1.0IDRequest ID255
>= 1.0MLABELIBAN for payout or money-outFR5830002012300000116235A61
>= 1.1MIDIBAN ID used for money-out5
>= 1.0DATERequest Date10/9/2011 18:09
>= 1.0SENWallet doing the fund transferPizza56
>= 1.0RECEmpty in this case
>= 1.0DEBAmount to debit from the wallet15
>= 1.0CRED0 in this case3
>= 1.0COMYour fee0
>= 1.0MSGCommentOrder number 245776
>= 1.0STATUS3: transaction successful
4: refused
0: waiting for validation