Disable a Bank Account (IBAN or other format) from a Payment Account


How it works

With the UnregisterIBAN method, our system disables a beneficiary bank account (IBAN or other formats) from a Payment Account. We need the IBANID to know what bank to disable from the account. Once the bank info is disabled, you will not be able to process Money-out to this bank account.
A payment account needs bank info to do a Money-Out.
No bank info is needed to perform an ON-US payment. No bank info is needed to make a Money-In to a Payment Account.


<UnregisterIBAN xmlns="Service_mb">



Request Input Description

walletPayment Account IDYes[0: 256] char33612345678 ou taxi67
ibanIdBank account to disableYes[0: 10]253

Response Output Description

>= 1.0IDIBAN ID253