Register a Card for Direct Payments (PCI-DSS compliant only)


This method has been deprecated. If you would like to register a clients card for future payments use [Initiate a Direct Payment (PCI-DSS compliant only) and set registerCard=1 in the method parameters.

How it works

Register a card and associate it with a Payment Account. The end-user does not have to re-enter their card details for future payments.

Ensure the login on your website is secured enough to avoid phishing. Someone else could log on to your website, pretend to be a customer that did memorize its card on your website, and use someone else card to pay on your website.

Lemonway does not recommend you use the MoneyIn method from January 2021. You should now use [Initiate a Direct Payment (PCI-DSS compliant only) and Money-In - By Card ] only


<RegisterCard xmlns="Service_mb">

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
    <EXTRA> <!--since version 1.2 -->



Request Input Description

Item Description MandatoryFormat Example
walletWallet IDYes[0: 256] char33612345678 ou taxi67
cardTypeCard TypeYes[1:1] char0: CB
1: Visa
2: Mastercard
cardNumberCard numberYes[13:19] char4.972E+15
cardCodeCVV code on the back of the cardYes[3: 4] char123
cardDateCard expiration dateYes[7] charJun-13
specialConfigLeave emptyNo[0 : max] char

Response Output Description

>= 1.0IDMemorized card token for further use (rebill)255
>= 1.2EXTRAExtra data
>= 1.2EXTRA.IS3DSIndicates if the transaction was 3D Secure:0
Always 0 in this case
>= 1.2EXTRA.CTRYCard issuing countryFRA
>= 1.2EXTRA.AUTHAuthorization number43245
>= 1.2EXTRA.NUMCard number4646XXXXXXXX78
>= 1.2EXTRA.EXPExpiration date MM/YYYYMar-16